Elect Ed Grimes
for Oklahoma County Sheriff

Oklahoma County is my home and where my wife, Ruth, and I have chosen to raise our children.  My grandchildren are now a part of this wonderful community and my goal is to continue to keep them and the public safe.  My decision to run for Sheriff was solidified when I was urged by numerous colleagues to enter the race.  I have built a great relationship with my fellow brothers and sisters behind the badge.  I have a reputation of being a hard worker and diligent in my duties.  I have worked on the streets enforcing the law, as well as, behind a desk ensuring an orderly and transparent administration.  My experience and relationships with the local law enforcement agencies makes me the best candidate for Oklahoma County Sheriff.

Ed Grimes' experience and relationships with the local law enforcement agencies makes me the best candidate for Oklahoma County Sheriff.

I have been in law enforcement through my adult life.  I served the Oklahoma City Police Department as a Master Sergeant in the Santa Fe Division until my retirement in 2002.  I served with the United States Marshall’s office in many capacities including as a Fugitive Investigator and Aviation Security Officer.  One of my greatest privileges was serving as the Canadian County Undersheriff where I gained much knowledge of the administration and key functions behind the Sheriff’s Office.  My experience includes being a key advisor to the Sheriff on issues pertaining to managing personnel, facilities, equipment, budgets and the jail.    

Citizens of Oklahoma County have an important decision to make. I have developed bonds throughout the law enforcement community and have the experience and desire to develop relationships with other agencies in Oklahoma County.  And so, it is with an enormous amount of honor that I am announcing my candidacy for Oklahoma County Sheriff. 

As your next Sheriff Ed Grimes:

  • Promises to create a position of openness and transparency. 
  • Promises to protect the citizens of Oklahoma County and bring a new era of collaboration and with other agencies including the District Attorney, Public Defenders, and Judges in our county. 
  • Promises to assist those with mental health issues under my watch. 
  • Promises to join forces with resources in each and every part of our community to address the underlying problems with the jail. 
  • Promises to serve Oklahoma County with a servant’s attitude and to be accessible to my deputies, staff, and others. 
  • Promises to give you the county law enforcement agency you deserve.

I am asking all of the citizens of Oklahoma County for their vote and their support in this very important election. 

Thank you. ~ Ed


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