Ed Grimes for Sheriff

40 Years of Law Enforcement Experience

Ed Grimes has 40 years of personal experience and training in law enforcement and has attended numerous training schools and seminars to further his knowledge in law enforcement.  He is highly skilled in dealing with people on a professional level, and have been trained to handle most hostile situations.
  • Jan 2013 to Jan 2017: Canadian County fugitive Investigator, United States Marshals Service. (Deputy)
  • Jan 2009 to Jan 2013:  Canadian County Sheriff’s Office. (Undersheriff)
  • July 2007 to Dec 2008:  Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office. (Deputy)
  • Dec 2006 to July 2007:  Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office. (Deputy)
  • July 2006 to Dec 2006:  U.S. Marshals Air Operations (Full Time).  (Aviation Security Officer)
  • 16 Aug 2002 to July 2006: Criminal Investigator with the Canadian County Sheriffs Office, also assigned to the United States Marshals Service as a Fugitive Investigator
    • Function: To search for and apprehend State and Federal fugitive subjects, while assigned to the United States Marshals Service.  

      And as a Criminal Investigator, investigate criminal activity on a State and Federal level, within the county of Canadian,  and file criminal charges when necessary.

  • 01-Feb-1996- to present, United States Marshals, Air Operations Division, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  (Part time Position)
  • 30 Dec 1976 to 30 April 2002- Oklahoma City Police Department.
    Rank: Master Sergeant
    • 640 hours, Basic Police Academy acquired from the Oklahoma City Police Department
    • 15 Credit hours acquired from Oklahoma State University.


During my appointed position as Undersheriff, my duties required me to oversee the day to day operations of the Canadian County Sheriff’s Office with Sheriff Randall Edwards and 85 full time employees

I was also responsible for bringing Canadian County Sheriff’s Office into the 21st century by applying for federal grants to purchase computers which were placed in all patrol cars within the fleet

Purchase and implantation of ODIS  (a report sharing and full service recording  system for the Sheriff’s Office which is connected to numerous sheriff and municipal  law enforcement agencies throughout the state of Oklahoma - offered by OSBI)

Securing the Canadian County Courthouse by placing monitors and cameras throughout the Sheriff’s Office and court house along with court rooms, X-Ray machine to scan persons and property entering the court house

Improving, purchasing, and bringing on line radio communications by changing to the government mandated 800 megahertz

Introduction of a highly successful Narcotics Unit for Canadian County which became a Taskforce with the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics

These are only a few things that I implicated while Undersheriff of Canadian County Sheriff’s Office.

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