As your next Sheriff, I promise to create a position of openness and transparency.  I promise to protect the citizens of Oklahoma County and bring a new era of collaboration and with other agencies including the District Attorney, Public Defenders, and Judges in our county.  I promise to assist those with mental health issues under my watch.  I promise to join forces with resources in each and every part of our community to address the underlying problems with the jail.  I promise to serve Oklahoma County with a servant’s attitude and to be accessible to my deputies, staff, and others.  I promise to give you the county law enforcement agency you deserve.

JAIL - I will create a task force of key agency personnel to investigate and study the jail issues.  There are some that state a new jail is necessary and should be built using private dollars.  There are others that believe the jail just needs repairs. My philosophy is to gather as much information as possible to make an informed, cost-effective and long standing decision.  I believe the intake and outtake areas need to be reviewed for timeliness and functionality.  Offenders must have access to their attorneys in a timely fashion not only to uphold their Constitutional rights but to lower the cost of maintaining and housing offenders going through the Court process.

TRANSPARENCY - Openness and transparency are key characteristics of a nonpartisan elected official. I believe in keeping the public aware of the finances of the Sheriff's Office and I expect to be held fully accountable to the public.  It is time for a new administration with the experience and enthusiasm for resolving the issues with the Sheriff's Office.

DEPUTY MORALE - Deputy morale is a key item in a truly functioning Sheriff's Office.  Oklahoma County has some of the lowest paid law enforcement personnel in our surrounding area.  I plan to address the issues of deputy pay, in addition to, promotion through the ranks by merit.  

BUDGET - The Budget of the Sheriff's Office should be scrutinized.  Waste must be eliminated to divert funds to other needed areas e.g. staff and jail.  I also will review the budget to determine if we can lower our need for revenue. 


I will be a Sheriff that makes informed, logical decisions based on accurate information.  

Check back here often to see Ed’s position on the issues.

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